Waiting for TR 422

24 July 2009

It is already almost 6 in the morning here in Singapore, I still have not yet slept (and I probably will not get some sleep until I am 30,000 ft above the ground). I got home from work at around 3 in the morning (I work London Hours, so 3 in the morning is normal for me). In a few hours, I will be boarding TR 422 bound for Penang in Malaysia.

I honestly don’t know what to expect in this trip (I will try to make a daily summary of my activities), all I know is that I always wanted to visit Penang and Langkawi. Amongst the places in Malaysia, these 2 are the places I want to go which still remained unvisited by me. So when Tiger Airways made a reasonable offer to me online a few weeks ago, I immediately grabbed the opportunity and bought the return tickets (costing just SGD 95). 

I have to admit, working here in Singapore has really been a great for someone who wants to travel as it very cheap (not to mention the fact that you are earning relatively higher than elsewhere) – so while I am here in the island, I will make the most out of what these budget airlines can offer me. Next month will be an adventure as well (WATCH OUT FOR IT!!)

Now it is a quarter past 6, dawn is just breaking and birds are already singing. Meanwhile I should start packing and as soon as the MRT opens, I should board it for a 45 minute ride to Changi Airport.

Welcome to Whattaworld Version 2.0 – this should be a lot better than the first version!!

2 Responses to “Waiting for TR 422”

  1. sandy gilles Says:

    Nice going, Marvin. Happy adventures.

    You have the makings of a feature writer in a Travel JournaL or Inflight Magazine !

    sandy G

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