Happy Birthday Singapore!!

9 August 2009

I was able to watch some portion of the National Day Parade on T.V. today and I was awed by the whole production. Definitely it must have cost millions to produce that event (not counting several other rehearsals the past few weeks).

I would have wanted to see it live but sadly, I was not able to secure myself a ticket. So, I did the next best thing which is watching it from the comfort of my bed while nursing a sore back (coming from a wakeboarding session yesterday with officemates). There is always next year for that, most definitely it should be grander than this year. I just hope Uncle Lee would still be around then, as I would definitely want to catch a glimpse of the man who made Singapore.

For those not familiar with this event, the National Day in Singapore has been celebrated for the past 44 years. This is the date of Declaration of Independence of Singapore and is considered as the most important and biggest celebration in the annual calendar of events of the island state. Every year they have a theme for the celebration and for this year, the theme is “Come Together : Reaching Out, Reaching Up

Ah yeah, since this holiday falls on a Sunday, there won’t be any work for most people here in the Singapore – meaning long weekend!! For us though, it is business as usual except that we will be earning additional leave credit and holiday pay. I would say it would not be that bad, I just have to figure out where to eat supper tomorrow though as most food joints are going to be close as well.

Happy 44th birthday Singapore, thank you for making dreams come true for me and for countless others who wanted to have a chance of living a better quality of life…

NDP 2009 Wallpaper from http://www.ndp.org.sg

NDP 2009 Wallpaper from http://www.ndp.org.sg

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Singapore!!”

  1. We were about to join the celebration at Raffles last night, but when we saw the huge number of people, we decided to just go to Clark Quay and have some cheap drinks there. LOL

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