Travel Expense: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

27 August 2009

A few days ago, a friend of mine dropped me a note and asked about the travel budgets for the places that I have been to. I thought, why not publish it in this blog?

I will start with my most recent trip in Yogyakarta, Indonesia – my previous trips might be taken up also, it just may take a while to tally and recall my expense. I will not account everything to the last details but rather classify my expense according (i.e. airfare, local transportation, food, etc.)

Yogyokarta, Indonesia
21 – 24 August 2009

Airfare: 80.00 SGD
Land Transportations:  44.00 SGD
Accommodations: 62.50 SGD
Entrance to Attractions: 51.50 SGD
JOG Travel Tax: 14.50 SGD
Tour Guide: 4.00 SGD
Meals & Snack: 31.50 SGD
Souvenir: 12.00 SGD

Total: 300.00 SGD (or just slightly below 10,000 PHP)

It should be noted that the figure above was already converted to Singapore Dollars as this is my base currency. Also the above are the cost per person, everything that was incurred in this trip was divided into two. We originally targeted a 250 SGD budget, but we easily exceeded it after paying for our trip for Prambanan Temple and Parangtritis Beach.

4 Responses to “Travel Expense: Yogyakarta, Indonesia”

  1. At less than 10,000 PHP, your trip is really backpacker affordable!

  2. AudMraz Says:


    How much was the accommodation? I will be in Jogja next month for 2 nights.


    • Accomodation in Manohara Hotel was quite pricey (for my budget…) – I booked it for 50 USD in but definitely it is very much worth it… Very nice place and it is actually within the Borobudur Park Complex.

      As for prices in the city, it was very cheap – room ranges from 100,000 to 180,000 IDR; of course you have to consider that this is budget accommodation.

      If you don’t mind budget rooms, try considering the losmen along the Gangs (alley) of Jalan Sosrowijayan.

      Enjoy your vacation!!

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