Enjoying the Balinese Sun

5 September 2009

Our 3rd day in Bali was devoted mostly to the sun and the beach. It was a very sunny day,  perfect for the morning devoted to water sports.

The water sports package we got was from a small travel agency along the Kuta Beach stretch. As informed beforehand, it would come out cheaper if we are to take a package rather that just chose one or two rides; after a few minutes of haggling, we finally agreed on a price of 250,000 IDR per person. The package we got consisted of a short round of parasailing, a 15 minute water donut ride and a 15 minute jetski ride. This came with a free pick-up as well from the hotel to Tanjung Benoa (the water sport activities venue) and vice versa.

At 9:30 AM, the driver was there to pick us up. It was a short 20 minute ride in which we passed by Nusa Dua along the way. Nusa Dua is one of the more quiet areas in Bali wherein most of the expensive resorts are located. Someday when I am rich, I would want to spend a vacation in this beach.

Upon reaching Tanjung Benoa, we met up with one of the receptionist of Kanaka Ocean. He asked us on what activity we want to start first. After sorting out our preference, we paid for the balance of our package and we were given our life vest and a key to a locker for our stuffs.

Tanjung Benoa - a place for watersports

Tanjung Benoa - a place for water sports

The very first activity was parasailing; I was the one who went up first. They strapped the harness in my body and before I knew I was already dragged up in the air by the speedboat. It was a bit scary at first but a few seconds later I got the hang of it. It was fun to watch the myriad of activities happening on the ground and the sea. My original plan was to take a camera with me and record a video of myself up in the air; unfortunately no cameras were allowed up in the air so I had to contend with picture from the ground. Less than 5 minutes afterwards, I was already hovering down. Extra effort was needed for me to bring myself down to the same area that I took off. It was a fun ride and it would have been a lot better had it lasted a few minutes longer.


before lift off


that is me, 25 meters above the ground

Our next ride was the water donut. Similar to a banana boat ride, this activity will be dragged around the water by a speedboat. We seated ourselves in the floating donut with me on the right and afterwards a simple instruction was given; this was “just hang on tight…


riding the donut from hell

Immediately afterwards, the speedboat took off. It was okay for the first few seconds but it became really rough afterwards. The next 15 minutes, we were practically struggling to keep ourselves from getting “spilled” out of our seat. It was fun but admittedly it took a lot of energy from us. Luckily no one was spilled. I would not recommend this for everyone as it can get really rough and this definitely can cause sore muscle all over the body. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

The last activity was the jetski. It was another first for me. Admittedly at this point, I was already a bit drained after the previous activity. There was someone from Kanaka Ocean who accompanied each of us in the session; once in a while they would help in maneuvering the jetski but most of the time it was us controlling it. The experience was at first very exhilarating as you let the vessel glide over the water in full speed but it gets boring after a while. Nonetheless I was glad I was finally able to try jetskiing; I have always wanted to ride on one ever since 15 years ago but unfortunately my dad did not allow me. The following years when I was a bit older and more independent, I refrained from riding one as prices are a bit too much for me then.

do I look exhausted?

do I look exhausted?

It was already lunchtime when we finished our activities. The same driver who fetched us earlier then brought us back to Kuta Beach. It was fun yet it was very tiring and it made us very hungry. We had a quick lunch at the Pizza Hut outlet near the hotel before I headed back to our room to have a quick afternoon siesta.

taken before we headed back to Kuta Beach; I look tired...

taken before we headed back to Kuta Beach; I look tired...

We woke up at 3 PM and headed outside the hotel doing some window-shopping around the various stalls in Kuta Beach. I was able to get a Billabong board shorts, which was on sale that weekend. I guess it is about time to upgrade my beachwear. 🙂

Kuta Beach at sunset

Kuta Beach at sunset

Our last afternoon in Bali was spent just in the shores of Kuta Beach. We just got ourselves a shawl and sat on it; we waited for the sun to set while watching the surfers riding out the big waves with some cool refreshing drinks in our hands. One of those peaceful moments…

used by tired yet happy feet...

these were used by tired yet happy feet...

The clear sunset with some huge waves as the backdrop was the perfect way to end our last full day in Bali. It was a good vacation (albeit a pricey one) but I did enjoy a lot. Tomorrow, we will be heading back to Singapore but we promised to be back here sometime soon. There are so many other things to see which we shall reserve for our next adventure here in this mystical island.

one of those peaceful moments...

one of those peaceful moments...

5 Responses to “Enjoying the Balinese Sun”

  1. Pepin Says:

    Saya naman nung parasailing!!! Di namin nagawa yan. 😦

    Must go back to Bali for that! Hehehe..

    Btw, nice shot of you up in the air, the slippers, and sunset!

  2. Monica Says:

    Wow…parasailing looks so exciting. I love water sports but there’s just one problem. I can’t swim. I love your last picture of the sunset. I feel like I’m sitting right behind you. I can stare at that sunset all day.

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