Swedish Meatballs for Lunch

22 September 2009

A lot of my friends and relatives from all over the world have been raving about the delicious taste of the Swedish Meatballs served in the restaurant of IKEA stores. One Sunday afternoon, I decided to give this a try. 

There are two IKEA outlets here in Singapore; there is one in Tampines, more than an hour away from my apartment, and the store in Alexandra Road, which was just approximately less than 10 minutes away by bus. I decided to go to the outlet in Alexandra for obvious reasons as it was more convenient for me.

IKEA Store in Alexandra Road, Singapore

IKEA Store in Alexandra Road, Singapore

It was already lunchtime when I woke up that Sunday; I initially thought that my timing would be perfect, I would be arriving there at around 2 in the afternoon and the lunch crowd would have dispersed by then. Damn, I was wrong!! When we arrived, this is what I saw…

in Singapore, long queue means good food...

in Singapore, long queue means good food...

I decided to queue with the crowd, as we were already very hungry at that time. It took me 20 minutes before I was able to get my orders and another 5 minutes before I was able to pay for it. The set-up in this restaurant is like a cafeteria; you queue up, get your food and pay for it.

ordering food, cafeteria style...

ordering food, cafeteria style...

The waiting was comparable to that time I tried eating Tian Tian Chicken Rice some weeks back. We ordered the 15-pcs Swedish Meatball (SGD 8.00) , 6-pcs Chicken Wings (SGD 7.50), a cup of Java Rice (SGD 2.00) and a refillable cup of cold drinks (SGD 1.50).

The meatballs were topped with gravy and were paired with French fries. It was supposed to be mashed potatoes but I asked the person serving if I can have fries instead as we are not fond of mashed potatoes. The dish also came with a small serving of lingonberry jam (honestly though, I don’t know how this would compliment with meatballs and mashed potatoes). It was a simple meal but it was a good one especially when paired with the java rice I ordered.

world famous Swedish Meatballs

the world famous Swedish Meatballs

The chicken wings were still as good as how I have tasted it last year when I was still visiting as a tourist here in Singapore. Actually it tasted more or less the same as the ones they sell in Lau Pa Sat but the clincher for this dish is the size of the chicken wing – it was really Scandinavian size I should say. 🙂 Despite its size, the chicken wing still remains juicy and tender. I paired this with ketchup mixed with Tabasco sauce.

big crispy chicken wings

big crispy chicken wings

We were very full when we finished our food. As a result, in order to melt down what we have just eaten, we decided to stroll around and look at the wonderful displays inside IKEA.

sarap (delicious) to the bones!

sarap (delicious) to the bones!

An hour later, we decided to head out and go back to the city. I got a surprise that day when I saw that there was still a long queue in the restaurant counter, this time it was much longer than the one I queued in 90 minutes earlier. It probably just goes to show that the people here in Singapore do really love the food in IKEA. 😉

IKEA Alexandra
317 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159965

13 Responses to “Swedish Meatballs for Lunch”

  1. AudMraz Says:

    I really like the Swedish meatballs at IKEA too, always try to have them when I’m in KL, that and the salad for some er, healthy balance.

    • My first time to have them and I am impressed!!

      Lots of people flock at the restaurant and eat even when it is past eating hours already… Wonder how much IKEA is making on the restaurant alone. 🙂

  2. Dea Says:

    Aiiiieeeee! I’m envious! I LOVED Ikea when we went there, super! There are several resellers of Ikea items here in Manila, so I don’t ache for the home stuff all that much, but the meatballs! OH THE MEATBALLS! And the cheap (for Singapore standards) desserts. Haaaay.

    • Hello Dea, do the resellers sell frozen meatballs as well? Ehehehe… 😉 Took me a really long time to finally go back to IKEA and taste this dish. Worth my 25 min waiting time.

  3. Leo Says:

    You can also get a pack of meatballs + gravy mix from the shop downstairs. That way you don’t need to queue. That is, if you feel like cooking at home. 🙂

    • The waiting time Leo will make it more delicious… Ehehehe!! But yeah, I should get myself a pack and just freeze it. That way, I can have swedish meatballs whenever I fancy it…


  4. nina Says:

    Bah, I really regret not going to Ikea last June. I want those meatballs!

  5. Wow the Swedish meat ball with fries meal looked yummy! and for just $8 – very worth it 🙂


  6. Diana Says:

    i frequent Ikea just for the meatballs! love the cranberry sauce! also try the ice cream, i feel it taste a tad better than the usual! :p

  7. […] definitely much longer than what I endured when I tried eating Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice and IKEA Meatballs. I was getting a bit impatient but I could not bear leaving the line when we were already waiting […]

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