On Packing Light…

14 October 2009

Whenever I wander around, there is dire need to pack lightly as I don’t usually buy any airline entitlement to bring any check-in baggage. Don’t blame me guys; not getting this will save me around 30 SGD on a roundtrip journey. My trusty 30L backpack is sufficient for me during most trips I went to.

this is traveling light - taken at the Thai border enroute to Siem Reap, Cambodia

this is traveling light - taken at the Thai border enroute to Siem Reap, Cambodia

Now let us all be honest and assess ourselves; some of us really don’t try to travel light and take far more than what we really need on our travels. I will try to share some insights I have regarding the topic on packing light.

The Bag:
  • If you are traveling in a budget airline, try to limit yourself to bringing only one piece of bag. Ensure that it is not too large so you can just carry it onboard – you can save on your trip from this!
  • If you really need to carry more than your hand carry allowance, try to avoid taking in a heavy luggage.

The Items:

  • Try to ask yourself on each item you can packing whether you really are going to use it. The key here is to bring the essential items only. As for me, I use to bring a book or two but I later realized that I never get the chance to read them anyway.
  • Leave some items that can be bought abroad (and sometimes this will even be cheaper) – case in point, we bought a 150 ml bottle of sunscreen here in Singapore for our trip to Phuket, Thailand only to find out that it cost around 30% less in our destination.
  • The bulk of your items will be on clothing; try to minimize what you bring by selecting clothes made of lightweight materials. If you need to warm yourself up, do so by layering your clothes. No need to bring bulky heavyweight items.
  • Some attractions require travelers to maintain modest dress requirements, particularly for women. A sarong should do for this, keep it handy if ever there is a need for you to enter a temple.
  • No need to bring 3 pairs of shorts! Believe me, one will do.
  • No need to bring lots of footwear. The important thing here is to bring the more comfortable pair. If you need to really bring two pairs, wear the heavier item and pack-in the lighter one.
  • Leave electronics such as hairdryers at home as these are available if you are booked in a hotel.
  • Gadget chargers – in this digital age, certain items are essential such as mobile phone, digicam and even laptop computer. If there is a need for you to bring charger for these, make sure you research beforehand the electric plug in your destination and get an adaptor if necessary. It is a bummer to bring these bulky chargers only to find out, you cannot use it because of plug incompatibility. CLICK HERE for an idea on what outlet plug to expect in your next destination.
  • Bring along a handy and light bag for use during the daytime. Use it to store items such as the guidebook, snacks and souvenir items.
  • Well if you really insist in bringing a book, try not to bring a volume of the Twilight Series… 🙂

It takes a while to master the art of packing light but it is not that hard really. As with most things in this world, it just takes practice, practice and more practice…

4 Responses to “On Packing Light…”

  1. earl Says:

    Nice post. I had a trip before where I brought along a hardbound Anatomy book. I didnt even got to take it out from the bag. Stupid really.

  2. AudMraz Says:

    Yes, I have learnt to travel light too! So much easier to move around, plus you don’t have to wait at the luggage claim when you arrive at the airport. Sarongs are so versatile, agree with you there.

    And I bring those free packets of shampoos/bath gels etc (in case not available) instead of tubes or bottles.

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