Cheap Thai Food in Singapore

22 February 2010

I have always been a big fan of Thai Food; I remember the days back in Metro Manila wherein I would indulge myself in cheap authentic Thai Food after my MBA classes in Rockwell. Things were unfortunately different though when I relocated here in Singapore as so-called Thai Restaurants are either too expensive or are simply not at par with what I was used to then. This was the case until my beautiful girlfriend discovered this cheap and authentic Thai Hawker Stall in Bencoolen Street.

M11 @ Bencoolen - unassuming facade

Thai Food is this unassuming stall at this unnamed hawker just in front of Hotel Bencoolen; for reference sake, I shall be naming this hawker as M11 @ Bencoolen since there was a signage within the area with that name printed. I can assume that this is run by Thais judging by the way they talk.

Thai Food - even the name of the establishment is very unassuming

As they cannot speak English very well which was why we just pointed out from the menu what we wanted to eat. We ordered this dish called Moo Tawd Katiem (which is actually just fried sliced pork with garlic) and the very famous Tom Yum Goong (Thai Soup with Seafood) plus two servings of rice. I paid the bill and was surprised that it will only cost us 15 SGD; I remembered paying close to 30 SGD for a similar order in this famous Thai Outlet in the Esplanade several months back.

busy ordering a meal

Service was actually quick and the food was ready in less than 10 minutes. I was happy to note that the serving size is quick large as I was expecting just a miniature dish that is good for only one person. The pork was very good; it was cooked just right, not too crispy and at the same time not too chewy. I would suppose that this would be a very good when paired with a cold glass of Tiger Beer. On the other hand, the Tom Yum Goong was just excellent. The soup was very sour, to the point that I can say that it is really authentic. Apart from the delicious soup, it was served with a very generous amount of fish, squid and prawn. Honestly, I would say that this is worth more than its 6 SGD price.

this might form a perfect pair with an ice cold beer

authentic thai seafood soup @ 6 SGD!

I ended up very full that Friday, so full I was that we decided to stroll around a bit before I took my bus ride back to my apartment. Since I was so impressed with what we ate, we popped by M11 @ Bencoolen again and had early dinner just before hearing mass – this was after just less than 48 hours since I discovered this place. 🙂

22 Responses to “Cheap Thai Food in Singapore”

  1. I love Thai food! Do they have Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice (Mamuang?)?

  2. bella Says:

    wow, kakagutom naman 🙂 i like pad thai and tom yum (wag lang sobrang anghang). there is also one thai resto somewhere near yishun sinama lang ako ng ofcmates kong chekwa.. nice din.. forgot the name of the place 😀 lagi mahaba yung pila dun. niwey, i’ll try to visit bencoolen one of these days.. thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  3. nina Says:

    Waaah, I want! Saan ang Bencoolen? lol

    • Well, hello there!! 🙂 I hope Kota Kinabalu was great… I shall bookmark that page of your re: budget, I shall be in KK in July.

      Anyway, Bencoolen is just pretty much within the Orchard area… I dunno if you remember the Kopitiam along Bras Basah, it is a few buildings away from that. 🙂

  4. nina Says:

    KK was awesome!! I’m sure you and Babes would enjoy it there.

  5. ana Says: like it. I have tried it once and we ordered the spicy dish. I almost forgot the name of the dish. It is very near to my office work.

  6. ana Says:

    ow you mean you love it. heheheh. enjoy!

  7. L Says:

    I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    You should go to Tawandang as well (Dempsey Hill). Thai food is pretty authentic there.

    • Hi Ms Liz,

      Let me know how you find the food in this hawker once you’ve tried it… And thanks for suggesting Tawandang, I will try to drop by that place one of these days.

  8. gourmandtales Says:

    will try this one out, thanks for the suggestion

  9. Diana Says:

    The must try here for me was the Baked rice at the left side of the hawker! It’s my comfort food in SG!

  10. Great info, Very informative…

  11. Carla Says:

    anyone knows what time M11 Bencoolen opens and closes?

  12. Sheena Says:

    From hotel bencoolen, san cya banda? Can’t seem to find it. Bagsak ko tuloy kopitiam sa bras basah ngayon..

  13. Andrea Says:


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